September 21, 2007


Federico García Lorca

Javier Zabala (illustrations)

Tonight Santiago went by
on a road of light in the sky.
The children are talking about him
as they play in the clear stream.

Where's he going, this heavenly pilgrim,
down the bright and infinite path?
On a horse that is whiter than ice
he'll ride to the glow of dawn.

Written in 1918 in Granada, Santiago is a fantasy work about the visitation of the Apostle to an old peasant. It is a magnificent tale, full of delicate descriptions that combine story-telling with folk tradition, written by one of the most admired poets of the 20th century. An unforgettable work that invites reading and re-reading, and which is enriched by delicate illustrations by prestigious artist Javier Zabala.

Age 8 and up; 190 x 280 mm; 24 pp. Hardback

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