September 1, 2008

The Boy Who Fell Into a Hole

Jordi Sierra i Fabra

Riki Blanco (illustrations)

«The latest novel of the author of Kafka y la muñeca viajera, National Prize for Children and Young People's Literature 2007».

«No-one wants to see a child who has fallen into a hole. It bothers them. They feel bad. Think about all the people who see accidents on television. They eat lunch, they talk, and when there is something tragic on, they change channels with the touch of a button. A button! That’s how easy it is. Press a button, and reality can take a hike.»

Marc has problems. Since he fell into that hole, he has asked for help but no one does anything. Everyone passes him by, unable to commit themselves, to help out. How can they find a solution when there doesn’t seem to be anyone there? Buried beneath reality, Marc starts to discover what the world is really like.

An intelligent social satire which shows the hypocritical side of society, but also the friendship of some people and the clarity that is possible for those who decide to overcome their situation.

Age 10 and up; 165 x 240 mm; 136 pp. Paperback. ISBN: 978-84-92412-10-5 Català: 978-84-92412-11-2

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