September 3, 2011

The Silence of Water

José Saramago

Manuel Estrada (illustrations)

«... and there I was, with the day fading fast and not a twitch from the cork float to indicate any signs of subaquatic life, when, suddenly, without even having felt the initial exciting tremor that announces a fish trying to nibble the bait, the float plunged down into the depths.»

On the shores of the Tejo river, during a lonely afternoon
of fishing, a child is about to catch the big fish. At the
very moment the boy loses his prey, he gets involved in
a moving adventure that will end with the awakening
of lucidity.

Inspired by a childhood memory, the Portuguese Nobel
Prize winner unfolds a tale of extraordinary beauty
and wisdom in The Silence of Water.

Manuel Estrada, one of the leading contemporary
graphic artists, recreates the profoundness of this
memorable story with striking images.

Age 6 and up; 210 x 280 mm; 24 pp. Hardback
ISBN: 978-84-92412-38-9 Català: 978-84-92412-39-6

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