May 14, 2013


Mario Benedetti

Javier Zabala (Illustrations)

«The modesty of trees is infinite. When the morning breeze caresses them, they let their tender leaves fall. And when a gale buffets them piteously, their branches harden like iron bars. Then their trunks recover the solidity of their foundation and the storm slinks away, with rain of the defeated.»

A delicious story about the secret lives of trees and the subtle communication that nature can establish with human beings. Mario Benedetti composes an enchanting story through simple prose, which Javier Zabala interprets with unique poetry, where contemplation of the world offers unexpected amazement.

Javier Zabala nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award 2012

Age 5 and up; 21 x 28 cm; 24 pp. Hardback
ISBN: 978-84-96509-99-3 / Argentina: 978-987-28233-1-3

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