October 6, 2009

My lost stories

Xan López Domínguez

«Sometimes my lost stories come out and take flight, stories that sleep in me. Stories about wizards, about wizards with dragons, about friendly dragons, about sad dragons. Or the story of a shepherd lying on the grass who thinks he sees a goat flying over the bell tower.»

The delightful stories in this book lead the reader into a world that combines in equal measure both imagination and beautiful illustration. Taking the stories which are lodged in his memory, Xan López Domínguez has created a book that emanates with a profound sensibility, and which takes its place alongside his best works.

Xan López nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Prize 2010.

Age 6 and up; 210 x 280 mm; 24 pp. Hardback
ISBN: 978-84-92412-32-7 Català: 978-84-92412-33-4

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