December 4, 2009

Ode to a Star

Pablo Neruda

Elena Odriozola (illustrations)

«Reaching out at the night
on the terrace of a very tall and sullen skyscraper,
I could touch the nocturnal canopy
and in an art of extraordinary love
I grabbed a celestial star.»

From the top of a skyscraper, in the hugeness of the night, the poet seizes a star. He keeps it in his pocket and sets off on his journey. Its beams shine through the walls of his house and his life is never the same again. A memorable, poetic tale by Pablo Neruda, full of emotion, tenderness and wonder. Delicate illustrations by Elena Odriozola give this book an exquisite graphic dimension, which will appeal to both adults and children.

Elena Odriozola Premio Euskadi
de Ilustración 2009

Age 6 and up; 210 x 280 mm; 24 pp. Hardback
ISBN: 978-84-92412-36-5 / Catalá: 978-84-92412-37-2

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