March 5, 2015

A House for Grandpa

Grassa Toro

Isidro Ferrer  (Illustrations)

"My grandmother, my mother, my siblings and I climb up to the highest point of the mountain. This was the place we were looking for. Very close to a town surrounded by sunflowers. We bury Grandpa and build the house right above him."

A happy family sets out in search for a place to bury Grandpa: they find the perfect place among the sunflowers and build a new house there where "all" of them will continue to live.

A symbolic and subtle story about memories and the loved ones who remain in our lives.

Isidro Ferrer uses charming characters to portray the cycle of life, where the past is a driving force for the nature. A House for Grandpa won Spain's National Illustration Prize in 2006.

20 x 20 cm; 32 pp.; Hardback
ISBN: 978-84-941619-7-1

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