March 5, 2015

Irma Sirena

Antonio Tabucchi

Gabriella Giandelli (Ilustrations)

"As she did every year, Irma arrived with the other wagons, to stay for a week. Thin, anaemic, and very pale, she could never go out: she watched us play in the park from the cart window, shyly beckoning us with her hand for us to come closer."

Irma Sirena was the first short story to be published by Antonio Tabucchi. The story is about the friendship between two boys and a mermaid girl, on display as an attraction at a fairground.

The delightful imprint of Gabriella Giandelli is added to the admirable prose of Tabucchi. This wonderful combination makes a book for all ages. 

25 x 20 cm; 24 pp.;
ISBN: 978-84-9429-186-9

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